Coming soon: Biochar production plant

Coming soon: Biochar production plant

  • July 3, 2018
  • By Tuomo Leppänen, Noireco
  • In: News

Noireco Oy Establishes production plant in Hirvensalmi


A new production plant will be built in Hirvensalmi, Finland. The plant is specialiced in bioproducts, and in the beginning the production is focused on biochar and charcoal. In the future, the aim is to commercialize also distillates which are formed as by-products in biochar production.


In the beginning, the plant employs 10 people at Vilkonharju industrial area adjacent to Koskisen Oy thin plywood production. Biochar production line is under construction at present and the actual production launches in September.


When the new plant is launched, Noireco becomes the leading producer of biochar in Finland. Biochar and charcoal are produced in thermal processes from pulpwood and industrial side streams.


Koskitukki Oy became a minority owner of Noireco Oy in 2017. The companies have synergies in raw material production and logistics. Director Kari Koskinen from Koskitukki Oy says that collaboration has been excellent in all regards, which raises the bar quite high for the future. According to Koskinen, biochar that has been modified according to usage – and the related services – feature a lot of potential.


According to Tuomo Leppänen, the Managing Director of Noireco, the entire capacity of the new plant is already sold: “The future of biochar seems bright, the demand is growing internationally”. Leppänen states that this is only the first step and Noireco aims for increasing the current capacity further. The company wants to establish new biochar production plants, which utilize sidestreams as raw material, both in Finland and abroad.


Noireco has received financial support for development and investment from the regional Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in South Savo, as well as from the European Investment Fund.



More information:

Tuomo Leppänen, Managing Director
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Noireco Oy (former BioCore Oy) is an industrial company that is specialiced in producing biochar and refining it. The company also provides consulting and expert services related to the use of biochar and participates in R&D in the field. The growth strategy is to establish several biochar production plants both in Finland and abroad.


Koskisen Group’s wood procurement company Koskitukki is known in its procurement area as a precise log cutter and reliable purchaser of wood. Every year, Koskitukki procures more than 2 million cubic metres of softwood and birch logs mainly from private forest owners. In addition to log harvesting, Koskitukki serves forest owners in all stages of forest management and supplies increasing volumes of biofuels produced from harvesting residues and wood-processing by-products to nearby regions for use as fuel by district heating plants.