How can biochar help to fight climate change?

How can biochar help to fight climate change?

  • May 17, 2019
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The climate change that we are experiencing now, is partly caused by human actions. We can also fight it with surprisingly simple solutions, such as by using biochar!

One of the main reasons for global warming is the excessive use of fossil-based fuels, that are loaded with carbon. When they are burned, the carbon in them oxidizes and returns to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (CO2). Now the natural atmospheric balance is off and that causes the troubles we are experiencing worldwide.

Climate change – how to fight it?

In the fight against climate change, it is necessary to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. As the atmosphere is already overwhelmed with CO2, it is also highly important to withdraw some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it up to the ground. Biochar is able to do this.

Biochar is genius because it can be produced from waste, like household biowaste or logging leftovers. The process is called pyrolysis and it does not contain an oxygen-fueled fire. The carbon gets locked up in the biochar itself instead.

Biochar in the frontlines

The greatest beauty in biochar is, that when these black charcoal-like chunks are buried in the ground, they start to capture more and more carbon in them. This enhances plant growth, that also contributes to the collection of carbon from the atmosphere.

Biochar fights climate change in other fronts, too. Nitric oxide is one more greenhouse gas that some farmland fertilizers emit. With the use of biochar, the emissions can be cut prominently.

Biochar resists the erosion of the soil. Nutrients will not get washed away from a biochar-amended soil. This keeps them out of the water system and prevents eutrophication. Chunks stay in their place and keep on working for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Fight against climate change is our mutual, global mission. With solutions, like biochar, it is possible to win it. Stand up for the planet and get to the frontline. Get to know the multiple possibilities of using biochar and do not hesitate to ask more.