Unpolluting the 21st Century

Unpolluting the 21st Century

  • July 3, 2018
  • By Tuomo Leppänen, Noireco
  • In: Biochar

Biochar is poised to deliver the green-edge solutions that the planet direly needs. In the fight to cut down on C02 emissions, biochar has a place in the frontlines – sustainable to the core, biochar can be deployed in soil improvement, plant growth, filtering, nutrient recycling…Biochar is an example of old-school Platform Economy, helping growth around the world. At the same time, biochar is all about Circular Economy: taking biomass and turning it into a future-proof commercial product.


Companies today are realizing that it is not enough to simply reduce their carbon footprint. It’s time to reverse the old mindset and increase the green footprint, in every way we can.
Biochar can, for example, help revitalize desert areas where very little grows without intensive irrigation. Today, about 70% of irrigation water in use is freshwater, and it is easy to see that these practices are far from sustainable. Biochar can be a game-changer and a difference-maker in harsh environments, where every drop of life is precious.


As climate change continues its relentless advance, unusually dry seasons mix with intense rainy periods, resulting in hardships for people and the planet alike. With the use of biochar, however, the water balance of the soil can be safeguarded and revitalized—biochar strengthens the roots of trees, giving the trees a fighting chance in a changing world.


Here at Noireco, we are committed to making the best possible sustainable solutions. Our biochar excellence is rooted in 15 years of scientific research and driven by our desire to learn more and to keep growing. We have accumulated a wealth of expertise that allows us to develop the most cutting-edge products in the market. At the same time, it is important to note that we’re not a part of a trend but a movement: championing sustainability via the use of biochar is here to stay.


At Noireco, we are on a mission to make the future greener. Pure and simple. Through our wide-ranging research and expertise, we put science where it belongs: underground. We manufacture and deliver leading biochar solutions for plant growth, soil improvement, filtering and nutrient recycling. Everything we do is tailor-made to meet our customer’s needs. We’re a team of experts, innovators, scientists, engineers and humans who work hard and strive passionately for one purpose: to provide optimal benefits to our customers and to our planet.


But enough about us. Let’s talk about you.